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Feb 10

Excess skin around the eyes can make people look tired. It can also impair vision, give the eyes a puffy appearance, and lead to droopy eyelids. Eyelid surgery can help improve problems. What Is Blepharoplasty? Eyelid surgery, also called an “eye lift” or “blepharoplasty”, is the treatment of choice for patients who have droopy eyelids […]

Dec 21

Teardrop or “gummy bear” implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice among women seeking breast augmentation surgery with their many benefits. Dr. Derek Steinbacher is a plastic surgeon in the Connecticut / New York, area who is pleased to offer this alternative to other silicone or saline implants used for breast augmentation procedures. If you […]

Aug 29

Women unhappy with their breasts’ shape and volume may incorrectly believe that breast implantation is the only way to achieve their desired results. Fortunately, there are other options today for Guilford, Connecticut, women to consider. This includes the fat transfer method for breast augmentation. Instead of implants, Dr. Derek Steinbacher uses the patient’s fat to […]

Feb 17

New innovation — we have recently shown that while you undergo your rhinoplasty, if we liposuction fat, and use that fat in your face and nose, we can enhance your outcome and speed recovery from your nasal surgery.  This concept was recently reported in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal […]