Breast augmentation for fullness and improved size while maintaining a natural look

Breast augmentation is sought to enhance breast fullness and create an enlarged, proportional, and natural appearance. Breast augmentation increases self-confidence, balance, and proportions; this is manifest by larger bra cup size, cleavage, and fullness. Most commonly breasts are augmented using implants placed under the breast tissue or the chest muscles for a natural appearing result. A small incision is placed underneath the breast, but several access options exist.  Dr. Derek Steinbacher in Connecticut, works with women to enhance the breasts, creating fullness and improved size while maintaining a natural look. 

There are a variety of types, size, shapes, and styles of breast implants. We will review these options, and come to a decision together with you, based on your body-type, goals, and benefits. In some occasions, your breasts can be augmented using fat (liposuctioned) from other parts of your body and transferred to your breasts. This is a natural breast augmentation. Breast cosmetics involves a host of considerations and personal preferences, so having a trusted surgeon walk you through these choices/options and to perform the procedure is an absolute must. In some cases a breast “lift” may be required in addition to implants (breast augmentation mastopexy) to achieve the desired goals, shape, and position.

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What methods of breast augmentation are available?

Two primary methods we use in our practice to help add volume and size to the breasts. These include breast augmentation using implants or fat grafting to the breasts.

●  Breast implants. The most popular method of increasing the shape and size of the breasts is with the placement of saline or silicone implants. Implants are chosen based on the patient’s goals and can add volume and lift to the breasts. The implants are placed strategically on the chest below or around the muscles and existing breast tissue to ensure a natural appearance when complete. Patients can choose from different shapes, sizes, and types of implants to help them achieve their cosmetic goals.  Implants can be silicone or saline.  We will discuss the differences of each at your consultation. 

●  Fat grafting/transfer. (Natural Breast Augmentation) Fat grafting to the breasts may be considered for women who need just a little extra boost or volume improvement. It is far less invasive and uses the patient’s fat cells to add shape and size to the breasts. It may be considered instead of a breast lift or in addition to this procedure.  It is also great to consider when having concurrent liposuction, as fat removed from one area can be transplanted into your breasts. 

Breast implant silicone gel

 Breast augmentation benefits and adjuncts:

  • Increasing breast size / fullness
  • Perky breast shape and position
  • Correcting breast asymmetry
  • Adjusting breast size after pregnancy
  • Adjusting breast size after weight loss
  • Treating inverted nipples
  • A “mommy makeover”
  • Fat grafting to breasts


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Before the Procedure: What to Expect

Every patient is different. Breasts are composed of skin, fatty, glandular, and fibrous tissues, and can change as a result of genetics, pregnancies, weight loss, skin elasticity, and age. Asymmetry is normal but can be improved. However, always some amount of asymmetry will exist, persist, and is normal. At your consultation, we will have a frank discussion of your history and goals. We will perform an examination, including position, skin quality, and measurements. A simulation can be performed on our 3D photo platform, to depict your actual proposed results. We will review educational materials and photographic example cases. The 3D tools will help communicate how you would like your breasts to look after the procedure.

Your initial consultation will involve understanding your ideal goals, especially related to your preferred size, feel, and appearance. There are varying types and sizes of breast implants (round, smooth, teardrop-shaped) and surgical techniques depending on your needs. We are able to perform a personalized and accurate 3D simulation to illustrate different implant options and sizes – views from all angles, to help make the best decision and result to achieve your goals.

Experience the confidence of a stunning figure

Discuss your breast augmentation options.

After the Procedure: How to Recover

This is a day surgery, meaning you go home the same day (“out-patient”). A surgical bra will be placed at the time of surgery. Sutures are all dissolvable, and you may have a surgical band-aid protecting the small suture-line. The procedure typically invokes very little discomfort. Some subtle soreness, bruising, and swelling are normal during the first week. The access scars will fade and tend to nearly disappear with time. We ask that you wear a non-underwire bra for the initial healing period. Postoperative medications are given. We ask that you limit strenuous activity until we see you back for a follow-up appointment. Most patients are able to return to work a few days later. Elevation of arms at the shoulders can be sore for the first few days. We may ask you to begin massage during the first several weeks after the procedure.

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