How facial bone augmentation can enhance face shape and contours

Patients who have a weak, poorly defined jawline, cheeks, or facial shape, may benefit from bone augmentation.  This appearance may be due to deformity from lack of growth, inheritance (I’ve got my Father’s “Weak jaw”),  injuries, or other imperfections.  Lack of crisp lines or jaw or cheek definition may be present due to inheritance, facial aging, or other deformities, trauma, or imperfections in facial shape.  Oftentimes the overlying skin of the face is lax or undersupported, and firm structure or support is required underneath, in addition to skin or soft-tissue tightening procedures.  If this appearance or deformity sounds like you, consider asking Dr. Steinbacher about facial bone support and augmentation cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Derek Steinbacher, in Connecticut, is a facial, aesthetic, and maxillofacial plastic surgeon in the community who offers a wide selection of treatment options to help address, harmonize and balance the facial size, shape, and contours with facial bone augmentation.

What is facial bone augmentation?

Facial bone augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery that can improve the appearance of your face. It can make your face and jaws (especially the lower jaw / mandible; and cheeks / malar region) look more defined, balanced and proportionate to give you the definition, crispness, and improved shadows and facial / jaw contours.  We also can address the forehead region, midface, and region near the nose (piriform), and other areas.  

How is facial bone augmentation performed?

There are several different types of facial bone augmentation procedures, most involve using implants to add volume and definition to your face, and allow the facial skin to be properly supported. The most common type of facial bone enlargement is cheekbone augmentation, which consists in placing implants on the cheekbones, and bone under the eyes, to give them more definition and structure. Other types of facial bone augmentation procedures include jawline augmentation (inferior border and angle of the mandible) and chin augmentation.  Several implant types and materials exist.  Titanium, polyethylene, and silicone are the common materials we use.  Additionally the implants can be stock (“Off-the-shelf”) or custom (designed specifically for you and your facial bones).  A CT scan (CBCT) is usually required to begin the process.  

Longing for a more defined look?

Facial bone augmentation can address poorly defined facial shape, jawline or cheeks to give you crisp, proportionate facial contours.

Find out if facial bone augmentation is right for you.

What can I expect after my surgery?

Facial bone augmentation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning you will not need to stay in the hospital overnight. The surgery typically takes as little as one hour to complete to several hours (depending on how many areas are being addressed, and what else is being done).  The procedures are done inside the mouth typically (the access is hidden), and therefore do not leave any external scar.  Swelling and bruising can be expected to some extent afterwards, but we have strategies to minimize.  Most people recover from facial bone augmentation surgery within a week or two, and there is usually no need for extended downtime.

How do I find out if I’m a good fit for facial bone augmentation surgery?

If you are considering facial bone augmentation, it is essential to consult with a plastic surgeon who has experience performing this type of procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Derek Steinbacher, he will assess your specific goals and concerns to determine if facial bone augmentation is appropriate for you. He will also discuss the different types of implants that are available and the risks and potential complications associated with the surgery. That provides you with the information you need to make an educated decision regarding moving forward with this and other facial procedures.

Who do I call for assistance?

Connecticut, New York, RHode Island, and Massachusetts area patients can schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Derek Steinbacher to determine their candidacy for the procedure. Call (203) 453-6635 to request an appointment at our office on 5 Durham Road, Suite 1-8, Guilford, CT 06437.

Dr. Derek Steinbacher MD, DMD, FACS

Dr. Derek Steinbacher has devoted his life to aesthetic and life-changing surgery. He is an artistic and meticulous surgeon who draws patients from around the world due to his perspective, unmatched skill, and exceptional results. He is able to uniquely address the face (facelift + rejuvenation), jawline (orthognathic; chin; contouring; implants), nasal (rhinoplasty), eyelids, profile, neck, breast, and body with one-of-a-kind results.

He is a multiple Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Plastic, Cosmetic, and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon. He is Fellow of the most prestigious surgical organizations, including the Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Societies of Craniofacial and Maxillofacial Surgery, the Aesthetic Society, and the Rhinoplasty Society. He has served as Full-Professor of Plastic Surgery at Yale, including Director of the Cleft and Craniofacial Program, and Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Steinbacher has unparalleled training at premier institutions, including Harvard and Johns Hopkins. His perspective brings together the best aspects of many distinct – but related fields – and it is this intersection of scope and expertise, in addition to an artistic eye, which enables excellent comprehensive results.

Dr. Steinbacher's approach: technical acumen, meticulousness, and penchant for combining art and science, together with his eye for balance, beauty, and harmony, helps achieve outcomes that greatly improve a person's confidence, health, and overall quality of life. Patients can trust that they are always in good hands!