Frequently asked questions about facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery is a series or collection of facial and cosmetic procedures intended to address more masculine (or traditionally male) facial features and alter or soften them to be consistent with feminine facial appearance and identity.  The surgical procedures may include brow lift, forehead setback or contouring, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, cheek augmentation, genioplasty, mandibular/jawline contouring, and tracheal shave (“Adam’s apple” reduction) to achieve the natural, balanced, and desired results. The exact combination of procedures will be designed and custom-tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy such that the alterations provide results consistent with their needs, desires, and goals. Dr. Derek Steinbacher of New Haven, Connecticut, is a plastic, aesthetic, and maxillofacial surgeon who offers facial feminization surgery for those looking to enhance their facial features permanently.

Why might someone choose to undergo facial feminization surgery?

The goal when undergoing facial feminization surgery is to align your facial appearance and morphology with your gender identity.  Facial feminization surgery is well tolerated and, in Dr. Steinbacher’s hands enable a very feminine appearance to be achieved.  These collections of cosmetic / reconstructive  procedures are a critical and important part of gender confirmation, and permit patients to integrate and blend in society as a female.  These procedures improve appearance and allow an ever increasing sense of ease and self-confidence.  

What are the risks associated with facial feminization surgery?

There are some risks associated with facial feminization surgery as with any surgery. These can include bleeding, infection, and reactions to anesthesia. There are specific risks depending on each of the exact procedures you undergo.  We will discuss these in detail at your visit.  In general, the risks are typically quite low when the surgery is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Derek Steinbacher of New Haven, CT.

How do I learn more about facial feminization surgery?

If you’re considering facial feminization surgery, consult with Dr. Steinbacher to discuss the options, benefits, logistics, risks, and planning.  The procedures are performed as an outpatient, and may be completed in one setting, or in a few stages.  We encourage you to consider these treatments to improve your confidence and quality of life. Dr. Derek Steinbacher offers consultation appointments to help educate you on these treatments and what to expect.

Call (203) 785-2571 to request a visit to the practice conveniently located at 800 Howard Avenue on the 4th Floor. Consulting with a plastic and aesthetic surgeon is the first step in determining if facial feminization surgery is appropriate for your personal cosmetic goals.