Forehead reshaping for facial feminization

There are a few surgical procedures that can be done to feminize the face. One of these is forehead reshaping. This procedure can help to make the forehead look smaller and more delicate. The prominent (masculine) brow ridge is brought back, and frequently the eyebrows are raised concurrently (“Brow lift”).  It also helps to give the appearance of a higher, more feminine hairline. Dr. Derek Steinbacher may recommend this treatment for patients seeking a more feminine appearance to the face during their transition. He helps New Haven, Connecticut, patients determine if this or other facial feminization procedures are beneficial to their unique needs and goals.

What is done during forehead reshaping?

Forehead reshaping is usually done by removing some of the bone in the forehead and then shaping it into a more feminine curve. It might also be necessary to remove some skin from the forehead in some cases. This procedure can be accomplished using surgical techniques that are done to reduce the scarring left behind. In most cases, Dr. Derek Steinbacher will make incisions along areas where they will be hidden, such as just at or behind the hairline or the ears. This can help reduce the appearance of scars that may be telltale signs of plastic surgery.

What can I expect from forehead reshaping surgery?

Most people are happy with the results of forehead reshaping for facial feminization. However, it is critical to remember that everyone’s face is different, so you may not get the exact results you are hoping for. It is essential to talk to your surgeon about what you can expect from the surgery.

How do I learn more about forehead reshaping surgery?

If you are considering forehead reshaping for facial feminization, be sure to talk to Dr. Derek Steinbacher and his team about the risks and benefits of the procedure. Make sure you understand all the risks and possible complications before deciding whether to have the surgery. It is best to book a consultation and initial examination with our team by calling (203) 785-2571 and visiting the office at 800 Howard Avenue on the 4th floor. He accepts new and returning patients seeking surgical and nonsurgical treatments for the face and body.