What is profile surgery?

At the office of Dr. Derek Steinbacher, New Haven, Connecticut, area patients have a wide selection of face and body procedures to choose from. Profile surgery is one of them. When viewing the face from the side, you are looking at your “profile.” Patients who have certain facial and neck imperfections, such as a double chin or an unusually shaped nose, may want to speak to a cosmetic plastic surgeon about improving their profile contours. Augmenting the profile may include a combination of procedures depending on the patient’s unique look.

What procedures may be included in profile surgery of the face?

Facial surgeries such as profile manipulation (augmentation or reduction) often include the following services or a combination of two or more:

  • Liposuction
  • Skin removal
  • Chin implant/augmentation
  • Genioplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Fat grafting
  • Brow lift/facelift

Which procedures do I need?

During the consultation appointment with Dr. Steinbacher, patients can talk to our team of professionals to determine how they can proceed with profile surgery. Each treatment plan is custom-tailored to the patient and the unique struggles they have with the contours of the face and profile. Options are discussed with patients, including the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, to help patients make an educated decision regarding their upcoming surgery.

How long does it take to recover following profile surgery?

The time needed before returning to normal activities depends on many different factors. The number and type of surgical procedures performed will vary in recovery time. Additionally, patients who work with others directly or who work in a highly active job may not be able to return to work as someone who works from home or is stationed in an office with fewer social contacts. After a patient’s surgery, they are given post-operative instructions to follow to help facilitate faster healing and reduce the chance of complications such as infection or significant scarring. Patients will also book an appointment a week or two following their surgery for a post-operative evaluation to ensure they are happy with the results and are healing correctly.

Discuss the benefits of profile surgery with Dr. Derek Steinbacher

Patients in Connecticut, New York, Boston, and other places in the USA and internationally interested in learning more about obtaining profile surgery with a team of experienced providers can connect with our office, located at 800 Howard Avenue, 4th floor. Call (203) 785-2571 for an appointment.