Cheekbone Reduction and Augmentation

Cheekbone reduction and augmentation plastic surgery is a series of procedures that can be used to alter the shape and size of the cheekbones. Cheekbone reduction surgery involves removing excess bone from the cheekbones, or repositioning the cheekbones inward, to create a more tapered, sleek appearance. On the other hand, cheekbone augmentation surgery involves adding implants or fat grafts to build up the volume of the cheekbones.  The implants can be made of a number of materials including: titanium, silicone, polyethylene; and can be either “stock” (off-the-shelf) or “custom” (bespoke to you as the patient).  Dr. Derek Steinbacher is a trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon in the community of New Haven, Connecticut, who is pleased to offer this surgery along with many other facial procedures for enhancement and rejuvenation.

Cheekbone reduction vs. cheekbone augmentation

You may be wondering which one is right for you. During a consultation visit with Dr. Steinbacher, his team will evaluate you and speak to you about your goals. Then, he can make a recommendation based on this information to ensure you get the results you desire. Both methods of cheekbone surgery can be used to create a more youthful appearance and address any functional issues that may be present due to an imbalanced facial structure. For instance, those with naturally large or prominent cheekbones may opt for reduction surgery to achieve a more balanced look. Alternatively, those who have lost volume in their cheekbones due to age or weight loss may opt for augmentation surgery to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Who is a good candidate for cheekbone reduction or augmentation?

The decision to undergo these procedures is a highly personal one. Many factors should be considered before undergoing cheekbone surgery, including your facial structure, skin quality, and desired results. A consultation with Dr. Steinbacher can help you determine which procedure is right for you and if you are a proper candidate. He offers a wide range of facial procedures and may recommend an alternative cosmetic surgery depending on your desires and current appearance.

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