Enhancing the chin and jawline with genioplasty surgery

Patients who are dissatisfied with the natural shape and definition of the chin and jaw area can work with a plastic and maxillofacial surgeon, like Dr. Steinbacher, in the Connecticut (New York, Boston) areas to provide chin implant, genioplasty, or “chin reshaping.” These are surgical approaches to weakness, deformities or imperfections in the chin and jaw area that can benefit from treatment and modification to improve aesthetics and self-confidence. Dr. Derek Steinbacher can perform this and other facial plastic surgeries to help patients enhance their self-esteem and achieve the definition and shape of the chin that best harmonizes and fits with their facial contours.

What is genioplasty?

Genioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that involves altering the shape of the chin. It can be done to make the chin more prominent or reduce its size. It can correct asymmetry, and be done to create a “taper” or “V-line.”  The procedure is usually performed for aesthetic reasons, but it may also be done to correct a growth problem, birth defect or injury.  Genioplasty can be done in isolation, or frequently together with orthognathic / jaw surgery.  It also can be done together with rhinoplasty, and with a host of other procedures.  

How is genioplasty performed?

There are two main types of genioplasty: autologous (osseous) and alloplastic. Autologous / Osseous genioplasty uses the patient’s own chin bone – and it is cut, manipulated, and repositioned to achieve the desired facial form and result.  Alloplastic genioplasty uses an artificial implant to alter the shape of the chin. Common materials we use include: titanium, a porous polyethylene, or silicone.  The implants can be stock (off the shelf in a variety of sizes), or custom (that is specifically designed to you and your anatomy.  A CT scan (Cone beam) is done to facilitate genioplasty planning.  Custom solutions may be available for osseous genioplasty as well.  The decision on which type of genioplasty to perform will be based on several factors, including the patient’s goals and the surgeon’s experience.

Are there any risks with genioplasty surgery?

Genioplasty is a very safe procedure.  As with any surgery there can be risk for bleeding, infection, and nerve issue, or malposition. However, the chance for these complications is quite low, and most patients recover without any significant problems.

How do I find out more about genioplasty?

If you are considering genioplasty, be sure to consult with a qualified facial plastic and maxillofacial surgeon who has experience performing this procedure. Together, you can discuss your goals and decide if this surgery is right for you, and specifics relating to cosmetic goals, surgical approach, and methods to be used.  Dr. Derek Steinbacher has performed thousands of genioplasties and is pleased to offer the appropriate chin reshaping procedure / approach for you.  A 3D simulation to communicate cosmetic goals and a cone beam CT scan may be obtained.  Call the office at (203) 785-2571 to schedule a consultation and initial evaluation at our practice, conveniently located at 800 Howard Avenue on the 4th floor.